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Marriage astrology by specialist astrologer

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Post Marriage Prosperity According to the Prashna Kundli, if the seventh lord and Venus are in Upachay houses that is in the third, sixth, tenth and the eleventh houses in the Kundli then this combination brings prosperity and happiness in the life after marriage. Product Image. Company Details.

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To overcome inevitable marriage hurdles like intercaste marriage , society barriers, parental interference, financial tiffs, etc. He makes use of marriage astrology , in which he analyses the birth chart of the suffering client for providing an apt and impeccable solution for a long-lasting and blissful marriage. The impressive and marvellous services of our diligent guruji are not limited to the marriage, in fact he gracefully and expertly handles other aspects of problems in life also like love, marriage, family, children, health, finance, education, business, job, travel, etc.

If you are facing husband wife disputes in your married life, then you should keep miniature statues of birds such as Lovebird, Mondrian Duck, in your bedroom.

Love & Marriage Astrology

By doing this, your all disputes will be resolved easily. Otherwise, you will face the major problems in your married life. If your couple is newly married couples ad worried about future marriage problems, then fend off to use the marble stones in your bedroom.

Worried about delay in your marriage? Yes, then come to Astrologer Sandeep Kumar! He will give the proper guidance which helps you to get married as soon as possible. Do you want to know when will you get married?

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  • Love Marriage In Astrology – Horoscope.

Are you manglik or not? Is there any problems in married life? Astrologer Specialist provides marriage predictions based on the date of birth. Log in Sign up. Advanced Vedic Astrology.

Marriage Prediction by Indian Astrology

Astrologers use the following data to cast Horoscope. Date of Birth. Time of Birth Hr. Place of Birth. As City.

Male Love MArriage Prediction-Indian Astrology

But we know that they are unique. Imagine with the same Horoscope the correctness of Prediction. Marriage astrology by specialist astrologer Marriage astrology If it trusts in horoscope and your profession is anxious on your future or in work places but it has not then Janampatri Lei acquire the is helped by them at the Predictions before birthday. Marriage Astrology - Mutual Attraction between Couple. Benefits with respect to using astrological prediction.

Marriage Astrology babaji. It is not so easy to answer these questions without proper understanding of astrological techniques. Luckily we have decoded the secret astrological language of our ancient sages to predict the timing of marriage astrologically in a methodical manner. We analyze your horoscope, which is based on birth date and time of birth, along with Navmamsa chart and also focus on ongoing Dasha-Bhukti and planetary transit to pin point timing of marriage and whether you will get love and arranged marriage. We do not answer these questions only, but we predict all the things related to your marriage and prospective husband or wife. Traditionally in India, finding an appropriate life partner for son or daughter was the paramount responsibility of parents. For some western people it could be awkward, but it is truth to a great extent. But in modern India, things are changing rapidly and girls and boys both are showing interest in love marriage rather than traditionally approved arranged marriage. Fortunately astrology can predict the possible mode of finding the life partner.

Not only in India, but across the world astrology has been used to predict important things related to marriage and relationship. However, Indians have great faith in astrology and before stepping out to find a bride or groom they like to get astrology predictions for marriage on the based of their horoscope to demonstrate when they will get married and what sort of partner they will have.

A profound astrologer can predict all such things by analyzing placement of Venus in horoscope, position of 7th house and its lord, position of planets in Navmamsa chart and ongoing Dasha-Bhukti. Of course, to make a horoscope, astrologer needs accurate birth details i. We have a team of expert astrologers who have carried out several researches and have decoded the secrets of astrology which are used at the time of making marriage predictions.